Welcome to Massage Time of Chattanooga


Massage Time now happens on your time. There are many appointments available from early in the morning to late evening, and weekends too! A great massage is just a phone call away. You may get a voice mail while she is relaxing another soul, but she will be quick to get back with you to schedule your massage.

Great News! I have completed my acupressure certification! Acupressure is a Western version of the Oriental Shiatsu

More great news! I have completed my TMJD certification! I am now qualified to help ease your suffering when it comes to jaw and neck problems!


Trying to lose weight? Do you want to be rewarded for losing those unwanted pounds? Call me for our Dollar for Pound special

A Great Massage Is Just a Call Away

Live in Chattanooga and looking for a great massage? 

  • All massages are by appointment only
  • Each massage is customized to each person. 
  • Accepting credit cards, checks, cash, TradeBank
  • Gift Certificates available
  • Free consultation on your first visit

Specials $25 for first massage and $65 per massage after!