Massage Time of Chattanooga

Candi Doyal - LMT

I believe in people doing and feeling their best, and I will help.  Each of us is responsible for our own and each other's care, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Effort earns energy. Comfort creates calm, Relaxation renews and rejuvenates.  With time for ourselves, knowledge, and integrated therapies we can improve our realization of health and quality of life.  In the spirit, one hour at a time, person by person, we all do the best we can for ourselves and each other, on our way to optimum health and inner peace. Start with you Get a massage today. Do more, Enjoy more, Feel better, Be better. 

"I have always been impressed with Candi's knowledge of anatomy - - what she does is more than just help people to de-stress and relax.     Whether you know it or not, she is deeply aware of how the body functions as a whole and her role in making it function better.       If you want someone who is passionate about her role in helping people feel better, go to Candi." Denise Furland, Hometown Marketing